– So, you wanna know what’s next? Sit tight. –

I’m off to Wat Suan Mokkh tomorrow morning. This is a monastery quite close to Surat Thani, where I’ll be doing a meditation course for 10 days. Doesn’t that sound peaceful and nice? Well, it isn’t.

Short story is; I’ll have to sleep on a bed made out of cement with a bamboo mat and wooden pillow, meditate for about 10 hours a day, wake up at 4am, am not allowed to eat after 12 noon and am also not allowed to talk or interact with anyone for the full 10 days.

I’ll be super hungry, tired, lonely and I think it’ll all together be super depressing. And the hardest thing of all will be trying to control my thoughts and turn them around into good things. Because that’s what it’s all about in the end.

You’re probably thinking I’m crazy for even considering going here (you’re probably right), but I think it’ll be good for me. The concept of the course is ‘live plainly, aim high’. Which is exactly what I’ll be doing. I’ll be living like the monks here and it’s all going to be super interesting. Nobody is going to be there telling me it’s good for me or supporting me, not even with a friendly smile. I’ll have to do that all myself. Which is going to be super weird.

I’ve talked to quite a few people that have done one of those courses. Some seem to have gone through it pretty easily, but most of them have had a super hard time during this course. They all have had several moments where they wanted to quit and some of them even started to cry like crazy, even though they usually never cry. They all say it’s mentally exhausting, but very satisfactory at the end. They all said they’ve learnt heaps about themselves and felt like they truely accomplished something by finishing these full 10 days. Which I can totally imagine, and is exactly what I want to happen. I’m just freaking out by the idea of how hard it’ll be.